Smile Makeovers in Menlo Park, CA

Why Consider a Smile Makeover? A new smile can transform your life. Dr. Scott Hoffman has helped hundreds of patients go from feeling too embarrassed to smile for the camera to laughing without hesitation around new acquaintances.

In fact, studies have shown that a beautiful smile can:

  • Boost your self-confidence, regardless of your age
  • Encourage you to have better oral and overall health
  • Help you be more likely to get a job promotion
  • Attract more friends

Investing in cosmetic dental treatment isn’t just a cure for your self image: it’s an investment in your future.

The Consultation and Exam

During your consultation, Dr. Hoffman will sit down with you to discuss what you like or don’t like about your smile. It may be the aesthetics of your alignment, your tooth color, or another aspect of your dental health. We will also take a series of high definition intraoral photographs and x-rays to further discuss the aspects of your smile. It’s vital for us to understand what your personal long-term goals are.

Your specific cosmetic dental needs will be different from anyone else’s. The better we can understand your concerns, the more effectively we can help. Several before and after case photos are also available for you to consider and compare as you decide on the next steps.

Making A Plan

We’ll take a set of impressions, so Dr. Hoffman can prepare a mock-up of what your ideal smile would look like. This can involve altering the teeth in a way that would reflect the treatment of veneers, bonding, recontouring, or porcelain crowns. Everything from the curvature of the tooth to realistic characteristics are considered.

If you have missing teeth, Dr. Hoffman can offer dental implants that mimic the function, appearance, and feel of a natural tooth. They also prevent other teeth from shifting throughout the mouth. Once you’ve been able to see the mock-up for yourself, you can decide when you are ready to begin your cosmetic treatment. Your customized treatment plan will include all aspects of your procedures, including costs, and how many appointments are necessary.

Affording A New Smile

Most people find themselves asking why they waited so long to invest in the smile they’ve always wanted. Comparatively speaking, cosmetic dental treatments last longer than things like new hairstyles, manicures, or a fancy outfit. With proper maintenance, it’s something that can last for years to come.

Since insurance typically only covers restorative treatments (such as dental crowns or dental implants) and not cosmetic ones (dental veneers, teeth whitening), we’ve made it easy for you to finance all of your procedures to fit your monthly budget. Thanks to CareCredit®, you can get payments with as low as 0% interest.

Schedule a Cosmetic Evaluation Today

Thinking of investing in a smile makeover? We’re open early, so you can schedule a visit before you head to work. Don’t let another day pass with the appearance of your teeth having a negative impact on your life. You owe it to yourself to see what you can do to change it. Call to find out how we can help!

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