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Sarah C.      
If Scott Hoffman could be my doctor for everything, I would be exceedingly happy. He's the best doctor I've ever had. He is highly attentive and his standard of care is very high.
Joe M.      
I really appreciate the service and professionalism. All the staff is very nice and Dr Hoffman really makes me feel comfortable.
Daniella L.      
Staff is friendly, and got me in and out on time. Dr. Hoffman is great – treats you professionally like a patient, but also relates to you as a human being.
Emily R.       
I have been a patient of Dr. Hoffman since before I was married. His practice has skillfully supported the dental needs of myself over all these years and then for my husband and two children as well. Our son and daughter are in their twenties and still prefer to use Dr. Hoffman’s services when possible (more difficult now that one of them is living out of the area). I can highly recommend this dental practice. All the hygienists are wonderful and Dr. Hoffman is very proactive in suggesting procedures before problems can develop. Very professional, state-of-the-art service…highly recommended. A real partnership between dentist and patient families.
Peter H.       
As always, a good experience with everyone. Cleaning went well, good advice, good scheduling. Thanks to all!
Leigh Ann D.      
After seeing only one dentist my entire life I was apprehensive about finding a new one.  It took visiting a couple others that I wasn’t thrilled about before I found Dr. Hoffman.  He will be my forever dentist – or at least until he retires.  He’s wonderful, his front office is great and the hygienists are fantastic.  All the latest and greatest equipment, everything from the waiting area to the exam room and everything in between is very clean and there is always parking in the back.  On my last visit I had to wait a few minutes after my scheduled appointment time, but heck.  That’s all I can complain about!
Mike R.      
10 years ago just before I moved down here my old dentist told me I needed to come back for a filling.  When i moved down here my friend referred me to Dr Hoffman–the “bestest” in the world according to her.  When I came in for that filling he told me it was just a stain!  10 years later it’s still just a stain and that trust has proved true every time.  Even better than Dr Hoffman is his hygienist, Lisa, who is the most thorough and gentle I’ve experienced.
Jeffrey A.      
I just came from a ROOT CANAL…arghhhhh…. i have to say though, I always look forward to my visit with Scott and his staff….after so many years they are like friends and family….Scott has the ability to make even the worst of experiences bearable!! AND today they told me I can get my teeth cleaned AND a whitening at my next appointment…who doesn’t LOVE one stop shopping??
Dave S.       
I’ve been going to Dr. Hoffman for years and he and his staff have always treated me very well. I tend to require a lot of lidocaine when getting a filling or a crown, and Dr. Hoffman has always been very patient to make sure I don’t feel anything.  And everyone in the office, from Dr. Hoffman all the way to the front-desk staff, have always been very friendly.  I can’t recommend him strongly enough.
Jim S.       
Dr. Hoffman is an artist.  I am super-sensitive to pain and I’m also very emotionally attached to my teeth.  Dr. Hoffman is always gentle with me, he always explains everything he is doing  and his work is the best.  Other dental professionals have commented on how great my teeth look. His staff is very efficient and friendly. I recommend him highly.
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